Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday's Featured Writer of the Day

Harry and Geraldine
"A Christmas Wish"

 Today’s writer is a real treat for Richard Armitage fans. It’s my pleasure to introduce the work of "Khandy," who can be found on C19, Dreamerfiction, and Wattpad.

 The great thing about her? She’s managed to cover a multitude of RA characters in her fanfic, including Guy of Gisborne and Lucas North. My personal favorite is a story called “The Gruinard Project” but we’ll get to that momentarily. 

 Khandy’s list of stories include some characters that aren’t often seen in RA fanfic, which I think is wonderful. It gives readers something a little bit different, which is always nice. 

Lucas North in
Gruinard Project"
 Most of her stories contain adult content, and the ratings vary between the different fanfic sites. If you don’t mind something a bit mature in nature, I think you’ll really enjoy these works.

John Standring in
"In The Bleak
 “The Gruinard Project,” starring Lucas North, is at the top of my favorites list. It’s got  everything you could want in a Spooks story, and then some. The storyline could have been a season in and of itself. Lucas becomes involved with a lovely and spirited microbiologist, who soon finds herself unwillingly wrapped up in the buisness of MI-5. There is plenty of action and suspense in this one, as well as a spicy romance that I was completely hooked by. I often found myself thinking that Khandy should become one of the writers for the was that good. :)

 You can find Khandy’s work at the following links. I would suggest Wattpad for easy access, as it doesn't require a membership to be a reader. But the other sites are great as well. Khandy also has some of her non-RA work over on Wattpad, so stop by and have a look. She would love the feedback!
Dr. Alec Track
"A New Track"
John Porter

Happy Reading!


  1. I absolutely love Khandy's writing! I've read quite a number of her stories. Thanks for posting :)

  2. It's been great to get to know a little bit more about fellow RA fans :) So many talented and creative women.

  3. Isn't it divine how one man can inspire so many?

  4. Hi Sarah. Thanks for showcasing these wonderful writers. I've so much to read now! Things are swamped here but I wanted you to know I'm following along.

  5. O what a lovely surprised I am flattered to be in such wonderful company.Khandy

  6. What a lovely tribute to a lovely writer!! I've only one story left to read of hers not counting the ones still in progress.

  7. I love Khandy's stories; as a matter of fact "The Gruinard Project" was the first fan fiction story I read, and really got hooked. I also enjoyed "In the Bleak Mid-Winter" so nice to have a story based in dear, sweet John Standring, and I'm currently reading her "Black Night & Deception" a GoG story.