Saturday, November 6, 2010

Help! I can't decide!

I've posted this elsewhere, but I thought I'd take my chances here too...

I can't decide which story scenario is better. I'm leaning towards one of the following, but I can't make up my mind. If anyone wants to give me an opinion, I would appreciate it.

Scenario #1

Evelyn's fiance comes to visit, but he dies during the festival, leaving her without a husband. She is promised to Rene, who is impovrished...but her parents don't find out until after the ceremony.

Scenario #2

Evelyn falls in love with Rene but is betrothed to Simon. After discovering that Rene has been having a love affair with a married woman, Evelyn rejects him and turns her attention to her fiance, who turns out to be a bad apple...

I'm leaning towards #2, but I don't know if I like the idea of putting Evelyn in a bad marriage, even though it makes for good drama.

Any thoughts?


  1. I like #2 better (maybe because, so far, I do NOT like Rene and his casual adultery), but perhaps Evelyn can find out about Simon BEFORE marriage. Then she'd still be in predicament #1 - husband-less. (Or, she marries, he dies and THEN she finds out what a cad he really was. Which makes her not trust Rene bc of his adulterous past??)

  2. Thanks for the help, Rae. #2 seems to be the scenario that everyone likes, and it's starting to bloom with possibilities for me. I don't think Simon will be abusive, but he'll be hard to love at first. He is a Marquis, but was raised as a soldier and will have a harsh temperment. It will take some time for him to warm up to his bride...

  3. I like number 2 better. It sounds like the better of the two. I always like drama when I'm reading. LOL!! :-)

  4. Well, you've developed Cassia and Guy really well as characters and as her parents, in the light of their loving, happy marriage, what would they do? Would they let their daughter wed a known "bad apple"? I would think that Guy would have something to say about that if he discovered it (and Cassia certainly would).

    Ask them what they think....

    Just a thought-

  5. I'm with the others: number 2.