Thursday, August 4, 2011

Henry Cavill as Superman: First Pic Revealed!

I've been waiting for this reveal. Being a fan of both Superman and Henry Cavill, I've been eargerly anticipating what the new Superman will look like.

My thoughts?

Odd, but I'm not sure what to think. I love the suit. The muted colors, rather than the bright tones that The Man of Steel usually wears, give the suit a less campy look, in my opinion. I like the pose. Instead of Superman standing with a puffed out chest and hands on hips, he's taking a more aggressive stance. I like that.

But where is the famous spit-curl? I always loved that about Superman. And my biggest concern of all...

I can't see Henry Cavill at all! Maybe I'm judging too soon, but I was hoping to see that handsome face looking back at me, and I just can't see it here. I think I need more photos to make a proper judgement.

Here is the article from entertainment weekly...

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  1. Hi Charlotte, did you see “Superman returns” in 2006? Rather dull and sad, both story and main actor, in my opinion. Hope this new movie will be better.

    I love superheroes, but I probably need more faults than virtues and more irony than powers in them - IronMan, Wolverine, Spiderman - are ok on this side. Superman thinks too much of himself to allow irony, sometimes.

    Have you seen? Your Henry Cavill won the contest easily, but RA collected the highest number of votes among candidates, over 9,000. Unbelievable!