Monday, April 15, 2013

Mini-Thorin hates trolls...on and off the internet...

Mini Thorin can smell a troll, and this, he does not like.

Over on Wattpad, there seems to be one of these disgusting, smelly beasts lurking on the pages of one of my stories. "The Tempest" has always been a favorite of both fans AND haters alike, but now it seems someone has taken the time to comment (In a not so nice manner) on quite a few of the chapters. Thorin is upset, and he is prepared to do battle if this monster persists, so stay tuned...


  1. We love and trust our Thorin.
    He will protect us from the uglies creatures: orcs, trolls, goblins...and bullies.

  2. Have you told Eva at Wattpad? Surely that type of behavior is not condoned at that site. There is no need to make multiple comments on a story you don't like. One comment should suffice.
    Sorry you've been targeted by a pitiful person.