Friday, September 6, 2013

A lovely friend, a gifted writer...

I don't have much time for anything these days, as everyone knows. But I'm stealing a few moments to give a shout-out to one of my good friends. GratianaL has been a loyal reader of mine for quite some time now, but I've been terribly neglectful of her at times. I've only managed to read some of her wonderful writing, even though on many occasions, I promised to catch up with everything. Time just slips away from me so easily these days. I'm sure many of you know this dear lady already, and most of you have probably read her stories. But if you haven't, you are in for a treat!

Gratiana's Avi
You can find her work over on Wattpad - If you haven't already, please stop over and have a look. I'm sure she would love some feedback. What writer doesn't? Give her some votes, too. She deserves your love and affection! She certainly has mine.

Much love, dearest Grati! 


  1. Dearest Charlotte!

    You are such a lovely lady to feature me in your post today and to point people to my stories! I am humbled and so appreciative your very kind words.

    I have only been sharing my stories for two years on my blog and one year on my Wattpad site. And I am always struck by the generosity of readers, but especially of more established authors, such as yourself, to encourage and support new writers.

    I am a really big fan of your Gisborne series stories as my initial introduction to your works. And since you mentioned that you are updating your Langdon series and I look forward to reading these stories, as well as your other stories.

    And I thank for your gift of your friendship to me, too. Though we are friends across the miles, I count you as a sister in my heart.

    Cheers, Love, & Hugs! Grati ;->

  2. Hurray for Grati!
    She is a very talented and multi-faceted writer, indeed. She writes theatrical "pieces", historical romances, poems, contemporary tales, but she is also a blogger with a sense of humor and a very creative person with other medias as well.

    She is also one of the kindest writers and women I have ever meet online <3

    I wish her stories'll get publication soon. Thanks, Grati!