Thursday, May 1, 2014

More of Chapter Twelve...

A short addition to the last post that I didn't finish until just now. More to come very soon, but for now, enjoy! :)

“It is morning, Guy.”

Yawning, he stretched his limbs for a moment before returning to his comfortable position in her arms. He rubbed his cheek against her neck, answering her in a contented mutter.

“So it seems.”

“We should rise and greet the day.”

His answer was firm. “I am content where I am.”

He heard her soft laugh. When he felt the loss of her as she leaned away, attempting to rise, he reached out and held her wrist, pulling her back.

“I think I will have you stay, if you please.”

When she shook her head, smiling at him, he could see her thoughts. She thought to appease him for a moment, but then would think to have her own way and slip from his grasp.

Little tyrant, he thought. You had your way before, but now I will have mine.

“I have been too long without proper company. You will stay and appease me.”

She tried to push him back – a half-hearted attempt, he could tell. He knew it by the sparkle in her eyes and the crinkle of her smile.

“Have you not been appeased these last few days?”

His smirk grew. “That was then. A new day is dawning.”

With mock outrage, she scolded him.

“You are shameless, Guy of Gisborne! I will not stay and be corrupted by you.”

When she made an attempt to bolt, he leapt up and seized her around the waist, pulling her backwards.

“It is too late! My wickedness has taken hold within you and you cannot deny it!”

With his arms around her, he reveled in the feeling of her back against his chest. Under his hold, he could feel the rise and fall of her breathing. He locked their fingers together and they lay still for a few moments, until she giggled, and then sighed deeply.

“Tis’ true, I admit. I rather like having your wickedness within me.”

It took him a moment to consider her double meaning. A laugh escaped him as he turned their position so he could look down at her face, seeing the delightful look of mischief in her eyes.

“Good God, you can be such a brazen wench at times! And by all the stars in heaven, I love you for it.”

Aroused by her boldness, he kissed her with eagerness, his lips on hers for long, lingering moments and then in soft tokens of love against her face and neck. She uttered contended little sounds of pleasure, sighing. Clearly, he had won this time.

“Do you not think it sinful to be so lazy?” she asked.

Gently he pressed kisses to the soft hollow of her throat. “Yes, it is indeed sinful. Wholly wicked and shameful.”

She softly laughed as he pressed his face against her shoulder, wrapping his arms around her in a snug embrace.

My heart, my soul, and my life, he thought. All are here, in the circle of my arms.

“One day soon,” he softly said, “When we are husband and wife, promise me we will spend many mornings this way.”

She did not answer, but she made a sound of amusement, making the promise without speaking.

It was nearly noon before they chose to rise, motivated by the overwhelming need for food, among other things. He was amused and stirred by the sight of her hair, which was in splendid disarray, but she was rather troubled by it.

“We should have a bath, you and I. Our indulgence is making wretched creatures of us.”

He smiled to himself, his thoughts wicked as he tied the laces of his breeches. “A bath would indeed be pleasant.”

Even when they were both dressed, they found it impossible to stay apart. He pressed her back against the bedpost, running his fingers through her hair as he admired her beautiful face. He was just about to lean in for one more kiss when they heard a sound that rent the air like a knife.

A pounding on the front door. And then a voice that struck both of them cold with terror.

“Gisborne, we know you are there! Open up or we will force our way in!”

It was the Sheriff of Nottingham. They had been found out. They stared at one another, neither one speaking. But each read the thought of the other, and both thoughts were the same.

The day of reckoning had come.


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