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Introducing Mr. Armitage...

OK, so this won't EXACTLY be an introduction for everyone. Most people outside the U.S. already know this delightful and talented actor. But in the states, he isn't a household name...Yet. I say "Yet" because his career is just getting warmed up in the U.S.A. At this moment in time, you may think you only know him as this guy...

"Into the Storm" - Vice Principal Gary Fuller

But wait! You've seen that face somewhere before. Oh, that's right. He was in a little movie franchise you might have heard of...

Yes, that's right. Richard plays the bad-ass dwarf king Thorin Oakenshield in the Hobbit series. Surprised that it's the same guy? That's not a shocker, considering that the mighty "King Under the Mountain" is a far cry, both in looks and personality, from the man who portrays him. Here are some interesting Richard facts:

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His Early Career

- He spent two years on stage in musical theatre, performing in various productions such as CATS in London’s West End.

- He enrolled at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) at 25 to further study acting and graduated after LAMDA’s three year program.

- He was accepted into the Royal Shakespeare Company and remained there 18 months as a supporting player in productions like Macbeth and The Duchess of Malfi.

His likes/dislikes

-His favorite actors: Gary Oldman, Kevin Spacey, James McAvoy, Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig

-Inspirations: Robert De Niro, James Stewart, Daniel Day-Lewis

-Loves live music

-Dislikes Reality TV: To quote Richard, “Celebrity reality shows: celebrities cooking, dancing, singing, having their bowels irrigated. You just feel dirty after watching it.”

-He’s afraid of deep, dark water because he fell into a neighbor’s pond when he was a kid.

-Worst thing about his job: Red carpets. “I find them the most excruciating thing. If aliens landed and saw people parading around with other people behind barriers looking at them… Very odd.” - “If I never had to walk down the red carpet again for as long as I lived ‘I’d be a happy man’”


I first discovered Richard Armitage in 2006, when I saw him in the romantic BBC adaptation of Gaskell's "North and South." This 2004 mini-series was a landmark, not just because it launched Richard's career, but because it was the catalyst for his fanbase, which call themselves the "Armitage Army." Richard's performance was so well-received by viewers that the BBC website crashed under the weight of fans wanting to learn more about him.

Since then, he has played a villain in the BBC Television series "Robin Hood," a spy for the British Secret Service in "MI-5" (Also known as "Spooks"), and a host of other various roles, including a small part in the first "Captain America." Currently, Richard is the toast of the London Stage, playing the part of John Proctor in Arthur Miller's classic "The Crucible." His performance is earning rave reviews and tickets have nearly sold out for the entire run.

But I think I enjoy Richard most when he's being himself. For a taste of the "Real" Richard Armitage, enjoy this clip (From 2012) with his fellow Hobbit co-star, Martin Freeman:

(BTW, the "60 seconds with Martin Freeman" is quite funny too. Check it out as well!)

 Discover the talent of Richard Armitage for yourself. Check out his body of work, which can be found on IMDB. And if you haven't seen it already, go watch "Into The Storm," which is now in theaters nationwide.

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