Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shallow, you say?

I get some interesting comments about my work, but this one tops them all. For those who have read "The Tempest," you might find some humor in this...or maybe not.  I'll let you decide.  Here is an actual comment I recieved...

Guy is still at death's door, but Cassia is admiring his body. Doesn't that make Cassia come across as a bit shallow?

OK ladies, if you had this lying unconcious and helpless before you...

How would you be?

So, un-named commenter, you wonder about someone being shallow?  Do you think I'm shallow because I wrote the scene that way?  My reply to that is...

YES, I'm shallow because YES, I would look.  Is there a problem with that? I THINK NOT!


  1. I think any right-minded woman would be slightly shallow with such an opportunity!

    Seriously, I believe its human nature to notice beauty and in Cassia's case, Guy is someone she's attracted to.

  2. As a published writer, Sarah, I think you have to surrender to the idea of being judged, analyzed, criticised. It's part of the game. I can understand you. Very often we forget all the compliments we receive and just stick to the few negative remarks we get. Strange enough. Try to avoid being so touched by not-so- meaningful comments. I think it is just plausible, if you are attracted by a person, who is lying before you dying. You 'd notice every little detail of the body you fear to lose forever. That's my thought . So nothing shallow. This is my thought at least.

  3. When someone is at death's door it seems natural to reflect on the person and all he/she has meant to you. If it appears that a physical, romantic relationship is in danger of ending due to death I could see reflecting on ALL of the lover's attributes, both physical and non. Just my two cents..

    I haven't yet read The Tempest but hope to soon.

    Best of luck- keep writing-

    Ann Marie