Sunday, July 4, 2010

Contestants, here are your numbers

Hello, everyone.  Here are the assigned numbers.  If I have missed anyone's name, please let me know.  Remember, the final winning numbers will be chosen by a random number generator, which I will post along with the winners names. And for those who still don't know, there are now 4 books in the giveaway, so your chances of winning are much higher.  Check back on Tuesday to see if you are a winner. I will try to post around noon, U.S. eastern standard time.

Good luck to all!

1. Ruth Ellen

2. Lolly55

3. Deborah M.

4. Jill

5. Aileen

6. Amanda Y.

7. Manda

8. Ruth Ann Nordin

9. Nadja

10. Claudia

11. Marcy

12. Luv

13. Katrin

14. Ann Marie

15. Ron Minkin

16. Jenny A.

17. Lacey D

18. Reg

19. Iz4spunk

20. krist

21. mesmered

22. chica popcorn

23. flandersdreamer

24. trudenow

25. Ms. Kieu

26. Eleanor Brown

27. Trudy

28. Julia

29. Dale

30. Jay Jay

31. Cristina

32. Pinkie

33. arabella_vidal

34. Monica

35. Yahon N.

36. ladyl_godiva

37. Alfie


  1. You forgot me:( - or maybe I was too late?


  2. Don't worry, Alfie. I just got to it, so you're on the list. Good luck! :)

  3. This is so exciting! Thanks for doubling the give-away. If not a winner I'll get it on
    Kindle. I probably will do that anyway. Good luck everyone!