Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Here are the winners!

Hello Everyone!
I've used a random number generator, MathGoodies, and here are the winning numbers for my giveaway of "The Tempest."

# 28 - Julia     # 5 - Aileen     # 37 - Alfie     # 13 - Katrin

Congratulations to the winners!  Please email me your addresses so I can get your books out ASAP.

Thanks to everyone for entering. And for those who didn't win, please don't feel left out.  Starting tomorrow and going until July 22, the Smashwords edition will be free for all to read.  You don't need a Kindle or an EReader, although it is available in that format. Smashwords has an option to upload the story to your PC, and it only takes a few minutes to process.

Or if you prefer, I would be happy to send you a PDF file in Adobe Reader format. Just drop me a note at Charlotte1194@hotmail.com and let me know.

For all who read this story, I would love to know what you think of it, good or bad. Opinions mean so much to me as a writer. Don't be shy!



  1. Fantastic. Thank you so much. Can´t wait to read it:)

  2. Hey Sarah, thank you for having the raffle and congratulations to the winners. I'm going to get the Kindle version today so I can start reading it now (patience is a virtue I clearly don't possess). =)

  3. If I had the means, I would give away free paperback copies to everyone. I really and truly love to share.

  4. Congratulations to the winners!

    I went and downloaded the free copy and read it one night!

    I thought your story was sweet and I share the same opinion of Marian as you do. My only concept of Guy is the Richard Armitage depiction (physically and emotionally), the body the voice, and, for me, it is a lovely picture in my head. The only thing I struggled with was the language which seemed very stiff but maybe very appropriate for the time. But again, this maybe because I have Richard's Guy in my mind and his manner of speaking.

    Regardless, I loved reading it, obviously and thought your romantic encounters were lovely, passionate and COMPLETELY in character.

    Keep writing and I will enjoy following your work.

    You've got a lot of talent!

    Best regards,

    Ann Marie

  5. Hi Sarah, I, too, read the book in about a day and, wow, I didn't expect it to be so smokin' hot. Sure, the writing at times felt formal and some of the narrative made me stop, blush and look around to make sure no one was there reading my thoughts, but (as a Gisborne fan) I was completely engrossed from cover to cover. I was especially impressed that you maintained Guy's rough nature throughout the book despite his encounters with the gentle, yet spirited protagonist instead of developing a transformation that would have felt insincere. As a result, I found the story and its characters believable. Thank you for sharing such a gripping read and fueling many a future fiery daydreams. Cheers, littlevictories

  6. Thank you, ladies. I'm touched that you enjoyed it and left such kind comments. I know it's not a perfect story, but what can I say...I admit, I still have a lot to learn. But your comments are a tremendous help to me.

    Much love to all!


  7. Congratulations to everyone who won! Lucky you!

  8. Remember everyone...the story is available on Smashwords for free download until July 22nd. I hope you get the chance to read it!