Thursday, November 3, 2011

My interview with Trudy Brasure, author of "A Heart for Milton"

Hello, everyone!

Today, I am pleased to have Trudy Brasure as a guest on my blog. You may know her from C19 and Wattpad, and many of you are familiar with her work. For those who haven't read her stories, I highly recommend that you do, because you are in for a treat. Trudy has just released her debut novel, "A Heart for Milton," and she has generously agreed to answer a few questions for her fans. Enjoy!

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Hi, Trudy! Welcome to my blog! Tell us...

1. How long have you been writing? Is it something you’ve always enjoyed?

That’s a fun question, because I’m still somewhat surprised that I’ve become a writer! I always thought writers were the type who dreamed of becoming an author all their lives or some such thing. I started writing 3 or four months after watching ‘North and South’ for the first time – almost two years ago now.

2. Who are some of your favorite writers/authors?

Ideally, I like to alternate between reading fiction and non-fiction. Before I became a writer, I was on an Abraham Lincoln kick, reading everything I could get my hands on about him. Right now, I’m really enjoying Georgette Heyer because she has everything I could want in a good read in her novels – it’s historical romance with witty humor thrown in for good measure.

3. This is your debut novel. Tell us a little about your venture into the publishing process. Did you find it difficult?

It was a little daunting, with endless details to consider and iron out. I had to edit a few parts in my original story to avoid any obvious reference to the BBC’s version of ‘North and South,’ but after that was done, it was just the nitty gritty of getting the format right and searching endlessly for typos. I hope I got them all!

I’m so glad I asked Heather (HeathRA from C19) to design my cover. She did a phenomenal job with the basic idea I gave her.

4. Any advice for would-be writers out there?

Hmm…as somewhat of a novice myself, I’m not sure I can dole out the advice. But I suppose if there’s an idea that keeps rolling around in your mind for a story, you should give a go at fleshing it out in words. You’ll never gain experience until you start working at it. If you’re really serious, I think you need to carve out time every day, or nearly every day, to either write or just sit and daydream your scenes.

5. North and South is clearly a favorite of yours. What inspired you to write your own book about it?

After watching and re-watching ‘North and South,’ I couldn’t let go of how painful that good-bye scene was, when Margaret left Milton. I mulled it over for weeks, trying to come up with a scenario that could have avoided that pain. It was difficult, because Thornton and Margaret couldn’t really speak to one another openly with their families all about them. Finally, I latched on to an alternative possibility and spent a few more weeks hashing it out in my mind – dialogue and all.

At that point, I decided to start writing it out, thinking I might try writing a story for fanfiction readers at C19. I told Kleindog, another writer at C19, about my nascent venture, and she graciously offered to beta read and edit for me.

Well, once the story got started and I started posting a chapter every few weeks, I realized I had more and more story to tell! I never would have imagined that the end result would be a 400-page book!

It’s been a great adventure, and I appreciate the enthusiasm of all my readers.

6. Is John Thornton your favorite RA character? If so, what is it about his performance that you most enjoyed?

Absolutely, I’m still captivated by John Thornton after two years. I think it is the intensity of Richard’s Thornton that is mesmerizing. Every muscle of his face, the movement of his eyes, and his posture reveals Thornton’s emotion. You can just feel how much that man aches for Margaret to love him. How can you not swoon over a man so madly in love with the leading lady?

7. Any writing plans for the future?

I’m currently working on my second North and South fanfic. Who knows how long that storyline will go! And I have a short story N&S fic up my sleeve after that.

I’d like to try my hand at writing an original story. I have a few ideas for a historical romance set in America just before the Civil War.

It’s been wonderful experience to write such a well-received story. My readers have really encouraged me to continue. I’m quite humbled and amazed at how far this new hobby of mine has taken me.

Thank you for stopping by and chatting with me today! It was a delight.

Thanks, Charlotte/Sarah, for the opportunity to chat here on your blog.

You're most welcome! Here's wishing you much luck with your future writing!

*Trudy's book is available on Kindle in both the US and the UK, and in paperback format on Amazon US. It is coming soon to Amazon UK paperback. Stay tuned for updates! Here are the links...

Amazon US and Amazon UK

Happy reading, everyone!


  1. I love the cover book. HearthRA did a wonderful job !!! :-)

  2. Hello Charlotte!

    That was such a great interview and an awesome intro for me to the new author :)

    Thanks. I also loved N&S, but need to watch it again :)

    Shana Galen's 'Hook-a-Book' is....

  3. Lovely interview! I enjoyed reading "A Heart for Milton" on Wattpad. I was always eagerly waiting for the next post! It's such a beautiful well written story! I'm so happy for Trudy, having edited the book with that beautiful cover designed by Heather.
    I wish her a big success!

  4. Hi Charlotte, thank you for introducing us Trudy. I am very happy to see that "North & South" is becoming more and more object of sequels or fanfictions (as you prefer to call them).

    So many sequels and spin-offs from Austen (maybe too many??) and Gaskell is such a pillar of literature.... She deserves the same love and attention. And we will never be tired of good sequels of N&S!

    I will read A "Heart for Milton", this is for sure.

  5. I hadn't heard of Trudy and her "A Heart for Milton" and now I'm seriously interested in discovering more and read her book of course! Thanks for this interview, Sarah :-)

  6. Lovely interview! So lovely to see how this story gained an audience! Congrats Trudy, to many more books!

  7. Great interview! I'm looking forward to reading your book, Trudy!