Thursday, December 1, 2011

Congrats to the winners of "A Heart for Milton!"

Hello, everyone! If you entered the contest for "A Heart for Milton," then congrats to you all! As an early Christmas gift, I've sent each of you a copy. Check your email for your prize. :)

If you don't recieve it by tonight, let me know. I'll make sure it's sent to you.

Happy reading, everyone!


  1. Sarah, you are a gem! Thanks for all your generosity in helping me promote my book.

  2. Thank you Sarah and Trudy.

    I already downloaded my Kindle application and started reading!

    I will send you my feedback soon.
    Have you both a wonderful December!


  3. THAAAAANK you Sarah and Trudy. Got my kindle - really nice x-mas present :-)

  4. Trudy, I just downloaded you wonderful gift!!! I leave tomorrow for vacation and I Plan to read this jewel and will let you know how much I loved it when I return!!

    P.S. I wish my hubby and I were going on vacation by ourselves so that I could read it faster!

    Love Star-zMaiden

  5. Thanks goes to Sarah for her lovely generosity.
    @Lady Cassia - I look forward to how you you liked it.@Star-zMaiden - I know what travelling with kids is like! Have a lovely trip. Hope the read is enjoyable.

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  7. Star-Maiden said...

    Love listening to your music!! I find myself just listening to it while I'm busy on my PC making digital art, photomanipulations. :)
    December 2, 2011 1:39 PM

  8. Thanks, Star-Maiden. I need to change it up a little to keep it from getting old. I might do that this weekend. :)