Friday, December 23, 2011

Meeting Richard Armitage...A possibility?

I will admit it. I've dreamed of meeting Richard. I've imagined exactly what I would say, how I would act...and how I would NOT act. I'm sure that if my wish of meeting him came true, I would fall apart and forget how to speak, or I would talk so fast that he wouldn't understand what I was saying. I would like to think I could keep it together, but knowing my luck, I would make a fool of myself, and polite though I know he would be, he would probably think I'm a lunatic. But the chances of ever meeting him are pretty much nil.

Or are they?

We all know that RA will likely be doing promotional work in the US when "The Hobbit" premieres next year. There will be big events in major cities, most likely New York and Los Angeles. He'll be promoting on talk shows and such. But there is a slight possibility that he'll actually be a place a bit more accessable, at least for me.

I will explain...

Just outside of Chicago, (Where I grew up) there is a unique movie theater venue called "Hollywood Boulevard" and their sister theater, "Hollywood Palms." It is a fantastic place to see a show. You can order dinner and have a drink while you see your movie, and the building itself is worth the price of admission. So much to see, you need a camera. If you're ever in the Chicagoland area, you really should visit.

"Hollywood Blvd. Lobby"
They are a hot spot for movie premieres, and it's a tradition for celebrities to stop by when they are in town. Not only that, but for big movie premieres, (i.e. Twilight, Harry Potter, etc.) they usually have a cast member doing a meet and greet. Last year, during "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2," they had none other than Draco Malfoy himself. And that leads me to my point...

Who will they have for "The Hobbit" premiere? It isn't likely they will get Martin Freeman or Sir Ian McKellan, but is there a chance they could book *Gasp* Richard Armitage??

It's not altogether out of the realm of possibilities. They've had some of the biggest names in Hollywood in their venue, including...

Jennifer Hudson
Jane Russell
Tony Curtis
Debbie Reynolds
Burt Reynolds
David Carradine
Dan Akroyd
Michael Madsen
Shirley Jones
Tippi Hedren

I won't list them all, as it would take too long. But to make a long story short, they deliever the star power. So maybe, just maybe, they'll manage to get a certain dwarf? I've already been in contact with them, trying to figure out who they will get (And making a certain suggestion.) So far, they say it's too far in advance to tell. But they can be sure, they haven't heard the last of me. I'll be making inquiries over the coming months, and I will definately keep everyone updated as to what their plans are.

Maybe they'll get the hint that a Thorin meet and greet would be a TREMENDOUS success. Maybe I'll finally know if I can keep it together.

A girl can dream, right? :)


  1. Yes, The Lobby is an amazing place for a premiere and a press conference.

    I wonder if you would like to start a new career as a publicist.

    My best wishes for your future job *giggles* and for meeting Mr. A in Chicago (how far is it from your own town?).

    BTW, I imagine what I would say, and what I would not, exactly like you!

    Sharing the same silliness? Yes and we like it!

  2. I really do wish that we could all meet Richard, just once! I have been rehearsing my lines for that day! It won’t be for a lack of trying on my part!
    I will keeping wishing and hoping for all our dreams to come true if only for a fleeting moment!!

  3. OMG!

    I swear we just might be living next door to each other and not know it! I live about 10 min. from the theater and it's about 5 min. from my work (you are talking about the one at the Four Corners-Lemont/75th St. in Downers Grove, right?)! Keep me clued in and we can both go GA-GA over him and support each other in case one of us collapses in his presence!

    BTW, seriously we should just get together and yep 'books' one of these days :)


  4. Hi Melanie!

    I don't live in Illinois now, but I'm not far away. And if I find out that RA will be there, I'll be there too. :D

  5. Wow! Chicago not too far from me as the plane flies :) If RA ends up being there for the Q&A I'm there.

  6. Richard is so yummy!! I live in Indianapolis, just a hop skip and a jump from Chicago! YEAH!!!

  7. Oh to meet RA would be pure joy! It sounds almost impossible, and I also wonder how I would react if such a dream come true...very probably I wouldn't be myself, would be mute, not able to utter a word LOL
    I do hope he goes your way, any chance of him coming to Mexico too? ;)