Sunday, July 29, 2012

A glimpse into "The World"

Most people know I work at WDW, but some have asked for specifics about what I do, so here is the lowdown. I hope you like the pics! :)


Here is a map of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida...

This is my store, located at Downtown Disney...

Our store is the largest Disney retailer in the world. We have 13 rooms, and this is the center room, called "The Rotunda..."

This is the centerpiece of our store. It is quite lovely when lit up, but because that only happens during the day, I only have this image to show...

These two pics are a birds-eye view from our employee catwalk.
You don't see us, but we can see you from up here... :)

This is our Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boutique. Little girls can become the princess of their choice with the help of our "Fairy Godmothers in Training..."

This is my location, called "Belle's Basement" (Even though it's actually on the second floor)
Here, we process the clothing that comes in each night. All of those clothes on display? They begin here, with me. When the store opens, they are on the floor and ready for purchase...

The process is simple, but the volume is enormous. What you see here is only a fraction of the clothing we carry...

Here are a few other sights around the marketplace, beginning with the entrance to our "Adventure" room...

This is the Ghiardelli store, located across the way from World of Disney...

Fulton's Crabhouse...

The T-Rex Resturaunt...

DisneyQuest - an indoor amusement center and arcade...

Downtown Disney has several other diversions, including an AMC Dine-In Theater, Planet Hollywood, House of Blues, and Cirque De Sollei, among other things. On weekends, there is hardly a parking place to be found, so if you ever plan on visiting, I would suggest trying a weekday.

I hope you've enjoyed the little peek into my world! :)


  1. I finally took my kids there when my daughter was in her last year of High School. My husband's parents are Snowbirds so we were able to stay with them in Florida while we visited during March Break.
    Walt Disney World was a fantastic treat for us. I'd love to go back some day.
    Thanks for the tour!

  2. I enjoyed "the little peek", wish to visit one day :)

  3. Ohhh, you are a lucky girl! You work in a world of dreams and when you are back home you can write about your own romance dreams!!!!

  4. Fun, Fun, Fun! Thanks for posting! I have fond memories of the place :)

  5. Love your novels and photos, Sarah!

    Patricia b