Friday, July 13, 2012

In light of recent events in the fandom...

Out of respect for Richard, whom I greatly admire as an actor, I have decided to remove any and all references to him from Twitter and my blog from this point forward. Reflecting on recent events, it made me think of a similar situation that occured in the fandom a few years ago. As Richard said to fans at that time, if it stopped being fun, it should be stopped altogether. It's sad that there has been this rift in the community in recents days, but hopefully in time, we can find peace again and remember what joy and friendship Richard has brought to all of us.


  1. As a admirer of Richard Armitage, I'm wondering what has happened to make you post this on your blog. I love his work and it causes me concern that a rift that you alluded to has caused him concern.
    Pleas enlighten this confused admirer of RA.

    Thank you, Patty Ann

    1. Hi Patty-Ann,

      It was a squabble between some fans that got quite out of hand, and it involved a friend of mine being the victim of a personal attack. Hopefully, it has now passed and will soon fade from memory.

      As for RA, he is far too busy right now to have known about it, which I'm glad of. You can probably go to the RA page on IMDB and find more info there, as that was supposedly where a heated exchange took place. I didn't read it or get involved, but I heard it was quite nasty.

      As for me, I'm still a fan and will continue to converse about RA and his work, but I've taken a slight step back from the fandom. It's just something I feel I need to do at the moment.


      Sarah AKA Charlotte

  2. Sarah, I think think you have taken the wise course. I too have decided not to read about this squabble. I also hope that RA has been too busy filming Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" to have read about this exchange ON IMDB.

    Now to a much happier subject ....... the Gisborn family! I love both books about themnd I'm enjoying reading reading your latest manuscript about Owen and Isabella's relationship! Your writing is wonderful. I can picture everything that's happening because of your style of writing and these two characters have fast become my latest favourite couple next to Guy and Cassia! Looking forward to the latest installmen!

    Hugs, Patty Ann

  3. United we stand ladies. Dont let one bad apple spoil your enjoyment.
    Then offending content has since removed from IMDB.

    Hugs Meri ♥