Sunday, March 16, 2014

By request - Where to find The Gisbornes, unedited...

Hello, fans and friends!
I have several readers who have asked me where to find my Gisborne stories online, in their unedited versions. I had them here on the blog, but unfortunately, there is a copyright problem with Scribd that I just discovered, so...
Later this month, I'm going to put all of the stories together over on LiveJournal. "The Tempest" and "My Lady Gisborne" are there already, but those are early versions and will be taken down. "The Baron's Lady" will be added to complete the series. I will let you know as soon as the pages are ready.
Thanks as always for reading!
P.S. - The version of "The Tempest" that is going up is the current one. The rewrite that I'm planning will be available sometime in the near future. :)

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