Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No Richard Armitage for my GPS?? What a crime!

Just by chance, I came across an interesting poll today.
On, they are asking...

Which famous voice would you most like to hear on your car's GPS?

Being a Richard Armitage fan, this immediately caught my attention. My heart skipped a beat. I was so excited. I typed my favorite name into the search option, and came up with...


Our dear Richard wasn't on the list of names to choose from. I wasn't really that surprised, but at the same time, I was quite disappointed. So I sent a note to the website, asking them to put RA on the list of nominees. We'll see if they answer.*Fingers crossed*

*Sigh* There's something missing here, and we know what it is.
But here are the top 5 so far...

1. James Earl Jones
2. Morgan Freeman
3. Patrick Stewart
4. Sean Connery
5. Barry White

Here is the link, in case you want to take a look at the page...

If I had to choose, I would probably pick Morgan Freeman, who is one of my favorite actors.
But of course, no one can compare to this...

Maybe the people at Bio know what we know. The man with the chocolate voice would leave his competitors in the dust. No doubt about it. He would certainly get my vote. :)


  1. As a pedestrian I risked my life when started listening my first audiobook "The Convenient Marriage". I still daydream now, when I listen him playing the Earl of Rule.

    Better be careful when driving. RA voice I consider a mass destruction weapon for female population. Do not apply to GPS!

  2. I agree, it might be dangerous for all of us driving around listening to RA's voice, but hey, I'll risk it.

  3. Say it 'ain't so! I don't like any of the voices they like!

    We should start a petition for Mr. Hunk (RA) but I think he just might be too busy right now!


  4. I would LOVE to have RA giving me directions on the TomTom. <3

  5. The first thing I said when I heard my sister's GPS directions was that I wish it could be changed to Richard Armitage's voice!

    I live in New York City so I have no need for a car or GPS but I can enjoy watching or listening to him on my iPod while riding the subway. :)

  6. I'm afraid I would way to distRActed listening to Mr Armitage's sexy voice while driving! I'm bad enough listening to his audio books on my ipod!! Eyes start watering, drools from mouth, glazed look on face...not a pretty sight!!